Friday, July 15, 2016

Light In The Night

It was on the shelf before my eyes,
and I reached and took it down.
You see, I heard it softly call my name,
and I took it down from the upper shelf,
and snuck it off to my quiet room,
and left it under my pillow there.
It waited until my supper was done,
and waited till time for bed,
but when I was there with PJ’s on
and the door was closed for the night,
it called my name and said to me,
“Don’t bother to turn on the light.”
I climbed into bed and opened the book,
though the room was dark as can be,
and  light poured out in the midst of night,
and I could most certainly see.
Oh, I looked right in and climbed right in,
and went where it wanted to take me,
to wonderful worlds so far away,
where treasure is found and magic is real,
and all through that night, the more I dreamed,
the more awesome and great it seemed.
And if you should ask, “How did I feel?”
It was amazing, the things that I read.
and, golly, my goodness, oh me, oh my,
It made me forget I was in my bed.
Yeah, reading that book just made me fly!

----------ed pacht

Monday, July 11, 2016

Finding You

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It seems I've always tried to look for you
In places where I was told you wouldn't be,
Or seek you in ways that those who
"Know better" said would imperil my soul.
You've always been there,
But seldom in the safe places
   The obvious places
      The places where I'd been told
         You'd be easily found.
It seems I find you
When I stray off the path
Or when I put myself
Where common sense says I shouldn't be
Then I find you
   Or perhaps
Then you find me.

Will Shepherd