Thursday, August 28, 2014

"Brother Mark"

A simple piece of green paper,
Handmade, folded in two,
Corners rounded: an Easter card
Maybe four inches by six.
On the front, five flowers pasted,
Cut out from yellow paper,
Dots of orange in the middle of each.
Open the card, two more flowers,
Identical, one on each page.

Not very professional by Hallmark standards,
But it was my only Easter card this year.
The maker, a quiet young man of 12,
Soft of voice, shy of smile,
Scurries around our gym-turned-church
To personally deliver his greetings
And wish everyone a happy Resurrection Day.

“To Brother Chip, love, Mark”
Neatly printed on the inside.
Dyslexia makes the words and letters
Jumbled up and strange to him -
A difficult task: this was real work.
I can picture He whose day we celebrated
Smiling down from His throne in heaven
As His young messenger completed his rounds.

I stand in thankful awe,
Watching the boy he is,
Wondering at the man he is to become,
My heart warmed by his simple gift,
A Savior’s love, a Father’s compassion,
And feel unworthy of everything I‘ve received.

Mr. Chips