Monday, April 25, 2016

Benjo Photos

To whom it may concern:
Many Benjo (also known as Pau) photos are available at my Sugar Sync site.  Please use my link list.

Have a nice day!

Saturday, April 23, 2016

When I Get Out

A cat, for sure,
And a place just big enough
For the two of us.
A comfy bed,
Some fresh fruit
In the fridge.
All the music
I can't listen to now.
The company of friends.
A caring church family.
That's all I want
     When I get out.
          If I get out.

Mr. A. Non

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Place of Light and Music

Hello …
Welcome to my new home!
Welcome to the place of light and music,
of carousels and rides and dancing,
of entertainment without pause,
always going on and never ceasing,
a place where seeming wonders call,
where young and young-of-heart desire to be,
and none are ever bored,
or ever stop their mad enjoyment,
or ever need to have a rest.

Welcome to my new home,
the place to which I came
drawn by sights I saw and sounds I heard,
by lights and music and excitement,
to the pleasures of the circling carousel,
to the climbing of the Ferris wheel,
to the luring promise of the games of chance,
and to the mysteries in the tents I saw.

I mounted a horse on the merry-go-round,
whose feet were flashing with blue fire,
and rode when the wheel began to turn,
and rode and rode and rode and rode,
around and round and round and round.
I shouted and I screamed in my delight,
until my voice failed,
and my throat hurt,
and I decided it was enough,
until I wanted to get off that merry-go-round,
and take myself home.

It wouldn’t stop, wouldn’t stop, wouldn’t stop,
and I rode and rode and rode and rode,
around and round and round and round,
stuck on a horse with burning feet,
and the fun that was no fun, no fun, no fun,
went on, went on, went on and on,
until the Dark Man came on bat-like wings
and took me for his own.

Hello …
Welcome to my new home!
I am called to be a clown –
please don’t mind my frown,
for soon there’ll be a great big smile,
painted on my pouting face,
and soon I’ll laugh as if with glee,
and invite you in to be like me …

----------ed pacht